Sponsoring or exhibiting at 3rd Annual Sales Leadership India Summit & Awards 2023 is an excellent way to promote your business to a highly targeted group of key decision makers across the sales function in the country.


As conference experts, we know how best to utilise events to promote, develop and generate business for our clients. To find out more about how you can make the most of your participation at this event, contact:
Mili Punjabi
Business Manager
Tel: +91 22 5002 3215 / +91 87885 38868
Email: mili.punjabi@inventiconasia.com



Your Presence in the Digital Space
It has become imperative for every brand to be seen in the digital space as active participants in industry forums during these changing times. It helps reinforce your brand re-call and leaves a positive impression with your prospective clients about your adaptability to the ‘new normal’.

Build Customer Loyalty
‘Keeping in touch’ by all new means possible is the only way forward to develop client loyalty as well as cementing your position as a market leader. Participation at our virtual conferences gives you a broad market coverage and the right connect with your prospective clients.

An Immersive High-Tech Platform
To ensure that our clients and delegates get a seamless experience which is crucial for a virtual format, we have invested in a high tech platform that gives you the environment and feel of an on-site event thereby taking it as close as possible to the ‘human-contact’ element.

Brokering New Business Partnerships
Building connections on Video Chats through online forums are the new ‘face-to-face’ meetings – this gives the much-needed momentum to your business as delegates are always looking for new ideas and opportunities. Our virtual conferences will help you tremendously with building new contacts and grow your business.

New Sales Leads
What sets us apart from other virtual conferences is clearly our quality and seniority of delegates that we get on board. If you are looking for a good ROI and generate qualified leads, our platform will give you just that by showcasing your services either by exhibiting or taking a speaker opportunity in the programme.

Unveil New Products or Services
Draw attention to your products and brand by using this conference as a launch pad for new products or services.